y-knot Rubber

A global supplier of specialized rubber products for the oil & gas, water, and transportation industries.

Popular Products

Rod Stripper Rubbers

Rod Stripper Rubbers

Double E
 (Well Servicing)

BOP Ram Block Rubbers

BOP Ram Block Rubbers Top Seals

Well Site/Duke Style
(Well Servicing)

Single Flat Wipers

Single Flat Wipers

Natural Rubber/Nitrile
(Well Servicing)

Oil Savers

Oil Saver Rubbers

Type H Green
 (Well Servicing Industry)

Pipe Wipers

Split Dual (Natural)
(Drilling Industry)

Tubing Strippers

Texas Short Hall Stripper Rubber

Texas/Hall Stripper
(Well Servicing Industry)

Product List by Category

y-knot Rubber supplies the highest quality rubber products with outstanding pricing and excellent customer service.  Click below to get a complete list of rubber products available through y-knot Rubber in each of the respective categories.

About Us

Lance, operator of y-knot Rubber Products. LLC, while growing up deep in the heart of Texas has earned his lively hood over the past thirty plus years in the molded rubber products business with a focus on the oil & gas industry.  He has built a life-long reputation of  integrity and character by being honest, dependable, hard-working, and trustworthy.  He brings these qualities to the table in every relationship as well as in every business-dealing.  Let’s face it, business is built on relationships.

Lance’s top priority is to supply the highest quality rubber products, at the most competitive prices available all while providing the finest customer service possible.

Lance says, “We strive for excellence at y-knot Rubber — excellence in our products and excellence in our customer service. So y-knot call us today and let us provide you some of that EXCELLENCE!”

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